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About Insuheat Ltd
Based in the heart of the West Midlands you will find Insuheat Ltd, a family run Company, owned and managed by Mark Burrows who holds over 25 years experience in the insulation industry.
When Mark formed InsuHeat in 2003, he was determined that the Company would have a solid foundation, his belief that this starts with reliable and efficient service has served him well and InsuHeat are proud of the high standard of customer service they maintain making sure that every customers’ experience is as hassle free as possible throughout the entire process.

For the previous seven years the main insulation services have been Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation, the Company has always, and continues to offer services such as Roof Slate & Tile Ventilation and Draught Proofing however this year has seen the introduction of Solid Wall Insulated Render into Insuheat.

This is an aspect of the business Mark has become knowledgeable and passionate about. He has recently become a registered installer for two major Solid Wall system Designers and has put his staff through their paces with rigourous training in the installation of Solid Wall Insulated Render. Such is his belief of their abilities he has used his own home as a pilot project.

Mark acknowledges the shift in focus during the preceding few years, the industry used to be very much focussed on keeping homes warm and saving money however, the learning curve within the industry, along with the Government focus on Carbon Emissions has highlighted increasingly the dual benefits for insulated homes.

In a nutshell, the advice Mark would give, which is supported by the Energy Saving Trust is, the better insulated a home is, the less money you need to keep it warm and the less CO2 you will produce.

There is still CERT (Carbon Emisson Reduction Target) funding available for every homeowner in respect of Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation. A telephone call to the Office or a look at the Website will give anyone thinking about insulation all the information they need.

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