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Everyone has the right to feel warm when the weather turns cold. But not everyone can afford to turn up the heat. With the Government’s new Affordable Warmth scheme those struggling with heating bills may be eligible for grants so they don’t have to pay out any more for the luxury of added warmth.

That’s because under the scheme you can get grants to pay for a range of money saving measures in your home – like free boilers, free cavity wall and loft insulation. All these can help you retain more of the heat you pay for by stopping it escaping from your home – which will help you to stay warmer without inflated heating bills.

The scheme was launched in January 2013 after figures revealed that an estimated 14 million homes in the country have inadequate insulation.  The Affordable Warmth objective is one of the three main obligations under the Government’s ECO scheme which has been set up to support the installation of energy efficiency measures in properties across the UK. And it doesn’t just apply to owner occupied properties, but also rental accommodation too. ECO is targeted at low income households and properties that are harder to treat because of various complications, which include age and height (if the building is multiple storeys high).

A Government spokesman said: “The best solution for keeping warm during winter – and during the other cold days of the year – is to have a house that is well insulated with a good radiator system. “It’s healthier to live in a warm environment that’s drier – and it’s better for the house, too. “And yes, it is possible to get a healthy, warm indoor environment even in a building originally built when people sewed their kids into long woolly underwear for the winter.”

He added: “You might be shaking your head at this point, thinking that this isn’t going to be possible with my budget. “But it could very well be possible for you, thanks to the Affordable Warmth scheme. “This scheme is part of the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation target that’s been put out by energy companies to make warm, healthy houses affordable for everyone in the UK.” The Affordable Warmth ECO scheme is free.

Formerly known as the Warm Front Scheme, there is a whole range of reasons that could make you eligible for help from the scheme. They include if you have child tax credit and your income is less then £15,680, or you are on income support or job seekers allowance. It’s designed to support low-income consumers vulnerable to the impact of living in cold homes and that includes the elderly and the disabled too.

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