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5050 Solar is the new way to have Solar PV installed on your home but without the financial commitment 

You only need to pay 5O% of the upfront installation costs.

You can choose to pay your 5O%

  • in cash
  • using independent finance
  • and/or through a Green Deal Plan (your savings will always be greater than your payments)

The amount you can finance through a Green Deal Plan is calculated from the typical estimated annual saving figure shown within your Green Deal Advice Report. With solar PV, this is often enough to cover most, if not all, of your 5O% upfront cost.

We will set aside the remaining 5O% and service and maintain the installation (for up to 20 years) in return for the Generation Tariff.

You own 100% of the solar PV installation and will benefit from all of the electricity it produces. You will also receive the Export Tariff.

The simple process

Installing your Insuheat solar PV system couldn’t be easier. Once you get in touch, we’ll visit your property to assess which of our packages is best for you. We’ll check your roof strength and complete a full in-depth survey so you can be absolutely sure everything will be as you want it. We’ll answer any questions you may have and we promise there wont be any hard sell.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead we’ll come round and install your system,. We’ll help you to keep your neighbours informed and take every step to ensure your system is installed as quickly and easily as possible. Our on-site installers are fully trained and we are fully MCS accredited, so you can be sure that our work is of the highest possible standard. You’ll be impressed with the speed at which they work and the job will be done in just a few hours. When we are finished we’ll clear up and take away any rubbish for recycling.

Before we go we’ll make sure you system is fully tested and commissioned and we will help you to register your system with your energy provider, so you can start making savings straight away.

Maintenance & ServiceingFree Performance Certificate

Maintanence is minimal. Solar PV technology is so reliable these days all you’ll need to do is clean your panels once in a while and check that tree growth doesn’t begin to overshadow them. That’s not to say your on your own. With Insuheat, we can offer periodic service checks, where our engineers will arrange to visit at a convenient time and check that your system is still delivering optimum performance.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Solar electricity is a green, renewable energy that doesn’t release harmful carbon dioxide (C02) or other pollutants. A typical domestic PV system can save around 1200 kg of C02 per year• – so over it’s life that’s approximately 30 tonnes!

Is the Feed-in Tariff guaranteed?

Yes. The government guarantees payments for 20 years. These are linked to the retail price index so they will increase with inflation.We will beat any "like for like" quote

Finance option is also available.


Why Get Solar Panels?

Domestic Energy Bills to rise by 15%

Lower your electricity bills

Based on a typical household a PV system could generate approximately 40% of your household energy requirements.

Generate an income

By selling electricity generated via your solar panels back into the grid via the Feed In Tariff. Receive an income quarterly for the next 20 years

Beat electricity price rises

By generating your own electricity you will have more control over your bills and protect you from future electricity price increases.

Add value to your home

Being able to produce your own solar power energy will soon be the norm and selling a home with solar panels already installed is an additional benefit.

Clean and green energy

Solar energy does not cause pollution or produce greenhouse gases. By using PV as an energy resource it will cut CO2 by over 1 tonne per annum thereby reducing your carbon footprint dramatically. This equates, over the lifetime of an average 2kWp system to around 30 tonnes.

Return on investment (ROI) 7-10 years

Following install your home must have an EPC band D or better to receive the full FITS tariff

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