Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall insulation can save you up to 35% on your heating costs. A thorough survey of the building is carried out to ensure that it is suitable for insulating. Cavity Wall Insulation carries a 25 year Government backed warranty on all existing properties.

Cavity insulation using Cosytherm Whitewool is installed through the exterior walls (in most cases) by literally being blown under pressure into the cavity wall. Using an approved blowing machine.

Cavity Wall insulation is installed by a team of fully trained specialists approved by the BBA (British Board of Agrément ). The material is blown through a specific drilling pattern of holes which will be made good with matching mortar. This process is illustrated in the picture on the right hand side.

The small holes are drilled (below, left) into the mortar joints using a 22mm drill bit and made good using sand and cement mortar thus restoring the original look of your home.

An approved cavity barrier is inserted where necessary to prevent the material from passing into adjacent properties and to close any open cavities.

The whole process of insulating your walls should take less than half a day and your home will be left in the same tidy condition to which we arrived.

Insuheat Limited are regularly inspected by the British Board of Agrément to ensure standards are maintained. Every cavity wall installation is backed by a 25 year guarantee which covers both workmanship & materials.

A team of fully trained insulation engineers will visit your home and, from the outside, drill holes around an inch wide in your walls. They then use a machine in their lorry to blow the insulation material through a nozzle into your wall cavity. The hole is made good, and you’ll barely notice they’ve been. We may need to access to your loft, so an engineer can roll glass fibre in your roof space. If required, engineers will also install special insulation strips on your doors and windows to stop chilly drafts.

Is it messy?

Most work takes place from the outside, and our operatives always clean up after themselves. You may want to take pictures and mirrors off walls, because of the vibrations from the drilling.

Is it harmful?

Absolutely not. The materials we use cannot harm you and It will be installed by our safety-trained engineers.

Our work is guaranteed for 25 years by Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (right) who will send you a certificate to confirm this. It is the policy of Insuheat Limited to provide a level of service to our customers that exceeds all expectations.

If you have anymore questions see our F.A.Q. page or contact our friendly staff (see contact page).