Loft Insulation

A fully insulated loft with a thickness of 300mm (12″) can save up to 25% on heating your home.

It is relatively easy to install & is a very cost effective way of saving you money. When insulating you loft it should be laid in a crisscross formation to get the maximum benefit thus ensuring that there are no gaps for the heat to escape.

Always ensure that your loft has good ventilation to minimise the risk of condensation. If you intend to insulate the roof space yourself always ensure that you wear the correct personal protective equipment. Alternately CALL INSUHEAT & have our team of experts fit your insulation for you at a minimal cost.

Your loft may only need a ‘Top Up’ so call us now for a free no obligation quotation.

By having your loft insulation either fitted or topped up to 200mm (8in) you can save around 25% of your heating costs.

We all know heat rises so just think if your loft is not insulated or not insulated to a good standard then every time you’re heating is put on most of it will go through the roof.

Look around you when the snow has fallen, if the roof has snow settled on it that shows that it has a well insulated loft. But, if there is no snow (i.e. the snow has melted) there is a good chance the loft is not insulated and the heat.

Insuheat use Knauf loft insulation & the process of insulating your loft should take less than 1 hour. InsuHeat will insulate your pipes & cold water tanks free of charge with all loft insulation carried out.