What are the benefits of having my home insulated?

  • Your heating bill will be reduced by approximately 50%
  • You will be ‘doing a bit’ to help conserve natural resources
  • By insulating the wall cavity, you will have a warmer house in the winter and a cooler house in the summer
  • Condensation is eliminated
  • Draughts are reduced as the insulation seals gaps around badly fitted window and door frames
  • Will also maintain a constant temperature through the house
  • Insulation costs less than you think
  • Reduced Heating Bills
  • Home is Warmer and Stays Warmer Longer
  • Reduced Condensation
  • Home is Cooler in the Summer
  • Installed into Most Homes in 1/2 a Day
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Fully Guaranteed For 25 Years

Think of it, between 35p – 50p in every £1 spent on your heating bills can be saved.

Save Money
By insulating your home with cavity wall insulation & loft insulation you can reduce your heating bills by up to 50%. You could save up to 60 pence in every £1 by insulating your walls & loft space. The department of environment figures show that your walls and loft lose more heat than any other part of your home. By using Cosytherm Whitewool cavity insulation you could recoup the costs of insulating your home in as little as 18 months.
Reduce Condensation
The main reason for heating your home is to keep the heat in, but reducing the heat flow through your walls keeps the inner surfaces and air inside warmer. This will reduce the risk of condensation & mould growth considerably.
Environmental Gains
Installing Cosytherm Whitewool will help improve the environment now & in the future. Saving energy in heating your home helps reduce global warming & CO2 emissions . By installing your home with Cosytherm Whitewool you will be doing your bit to help as 40% of the UK ‘s energy use goes into heating domestic houses.
Not only does installing Cosytherm Whitewool reduce your heating bills & keep you warm during the winter but it can also keep your home cooler during the summer months.

Do we have cavity walls?
Most cavity walls are 11″ thick where as a solid wall is probably 9″ thick. Many properties built before the 1930’s do have solid walls.

How do I know if my walls are already insulated?
In the last 10-15 years most homes have been constructed with insulation already provided. In many cases some homes have been cavity filled but you may not be able to see the holes.

How much does it cost for cavity wall insulation?
You can pay nothing to if you receive certain qualifying benefits.

How much does it cost for loft insulation?
You can pay nothing to if you receive certain qualifying benefits.

How effective is cavity wall insulation?
Not only do you lose 35% of the warmth to your home through the walls, but a recent Government survey shows that 95% of house owners who have had cavity insulation installed before would have it installed again if they moved home.

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